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Okay, who can tell me the easiest/most effective way to get pee smell/stain out of suede? Yes, my kid just peed in the recliner. Yes, potty training sucks.


So, anybody out there know? Thanks in advance!


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Holy cow, I miss you guys! 

I have started this post about 376 times over the past several months, and never got anywhere with it because I just don’t even know what to say.

Today I’m going to finish it, but don’t expect anything prophetic.  I’m not ready to give up on this blog all together (although I’m sure you’re thinking otherwise considering where the hell have I been?!), but I just can’t seem to make the time for it anymore.  But, I’m willing to try again because I’ve really had the urge here lately, hence my increased Twitter activity.

Which, by the way, could Twitter be any more ridiculous and addictive?  I’m a little obsessed I think. 

So, let me give you some updates in random listy format because that is simply the quickest way.

  • Remember that baby of mine?  Well, forget the baby because she is no longer that sweet little angel faced baby that you know and love.  She is a sweet angel faced little girl with opinions, attitude, big girl panties,earrings, pig tails, skinned knees, buckets full of energy, and did I mention attitude?  Don’t believe me, see for yourself:

What happened to my baby, y’all?

  • I am now a working mom with the bag full of guilt to prove it.  So now you can’t say anything about my lack of blogging because I actually have a legitimate excuse!  I am a parapro in a kindergarten classroom, and I absolutely love it.  I’m not going to pretend like it is all rainbows and butterflies all the time because it surely is not, but I do love my job.  Now I am certain I want to finish my early childhood education degree in the near future.


  • I am 30lbs lighter than the last time I blogged regularly.  BREAKING NEWS:  Diet and exercise really do work!  Who knew?  I’ve still got a long way to go, but I can see the light at the end of the fat tunnel, and I will be basking in it in the (near-ish) future.  I can feel it. 


  • Aaron and I have yet to kill eachother, which is an accomplishment.  We still love eachother more than we love brownies, which is saying something more than you could ever know because we can devour some brownies over here (except not me because, you know, diet and stuff.  Ahem).  Seriously.  


  • I am still absolutely obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy.  In fact, my mouth is currently still hanging wide open since watching the season finale last night.  The first thing I said to Aaron this morning when we woke up was “I just can’t believe it was George.  They can’t kill my George!”  For real though, George simply cannot be dead.  Right?  RIGHT? 


  • I have changed my mind about letting Aeralyn be an only child.  I really want another baby.  Aaron does not.  Major dilemma. 

I think that is all of the updates that are worth telling for now.  I know there is a ton more, but I’m hoping to be back somewhat regularly for a while, so you will hear all about everything once again.  Are you excited yet?

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Merry Christmas!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging hiatus to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and an awesome new year!  Stuff your bellies and love your family and all that mushy stuff, and I’ll see y’all in 2009 (PROMISE)!


Christmas Card

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We had a fun filled and busy Easter weekend.  Want proof? Here you go.

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So, it begins.  Potty training, that is.  This is something I have dreaded ever since I first thought of having kids.  I haven’t been in a big hurry to start with Aeralyn, but she has recently started showing some interest in the potty.  Gammie and Papa bought her a potty seat for Christmas, and Aaron put it together a couple of weekends ago.  She’s only eighteen months old, so I’m not pushing her or expecting alot from her right now.  But yesterday, she pee-peed in the potty.  I clapped and danced and made a HUGE deal out of it, of course.  And I gave her a treat (a marshmallow).  Now she thinks that just by sitting on the potty, she should get a treat.  Maybe after a few more days she will get it. 

Today while she was sitting on the potty, I decided to sing a song to get her motivated.  I sang, complete with killer dance moves I might add, “Potty like a big, Potty like a big girl…”  to the tune of Party Like a Rock Star.  I know, I’m so creative.  Problem is, she liked my song and dance so well that she decided to stand up and dance to it while peeing all over the rug under her feet. 

What can I say, I’m a rock star.    

Really though, I shouldn’t get too excited since I caught her the other day dancing to the rhythm of the dishwasher.  Yes, the dishwasher.  This kid will dance to anything. 

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Hey y’all!  Aeralyn is over her little bout with the flu, which was thankfully not a terrible one.  I somehow managed to avoid it altogether, which is obviously a miracle.  Although, I did manage to catch strep throat.  That sucked royally, but atleast it wasn’t the flu. 

I’m glad that you all think this strawberry peeling nonsense is just as weird as I do.  And yes, peeling a strawberry can be done.  As long as you have a very sharp knife, a steady hand, and somebody who has more patience than I do.  Aaron does it every summer.  He painstakingly peels every little strawberry that he wants for his yummy strawberry shortcake.  And I point and laugh while eating mine right in front of him saying “You know, if you weren’t so weird, you could be eating that instead of peeling it!”  I know, I’m mean.  Also, I don’t peel his strawberries for him because 1.) he is a big boy and can do it himself 2.) everyone gets nervous when I hold a knife and 3.) there would be no strawberry left to eat if I was doing the peeling.  Which is exactly why I am not allowed to peel potatoes or cucumbers, or any other thing that needs to be peeled.  But wait!!  Now I can because Santa was nice enough and brought me the Rotato!  And I love it more than I could ever express. 

Now, I’m going to beat this strawberry thing in the ground and never mention it again.  Okay, maybe not ever, but atleast not for a while.  I just have to tell you this story so that you will know exactly how strange my husband really is. 

On our wedding night, we stayed at a nice hotel in downtown Savannah.  When we got there, we noticed someone had sent chocolate covered strawberries with a bottle of champagne to our room.  They were from my sister, and I thought that was such a nice gesture.  Very romantic, right?  Except no, not at all because when I tried to give one to Aaron, he made a grimacing face and refused.  I thought, you have got to be kidding me, but sadly, he was not.  He couldn’t eat them because he couldn’t stand the seeds.  So, I ate the whole plate of strawberries by myself, and that turned out to be much less romantic than sharing them with my new husband, as you can imagine.    

So, this seems to be some kind of illness that my daughter has inherited from her father.  I have tried several times over the last week to get her to eat strawberries, and it just ain’t happening.  Oh well, more for me!

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Temporary Lapse of Sanity

I just shared a big bowl of fresh strawberries and grapes with Aeralyn.  We also shared the same spoon.  Somehow, I seemed to forget that she has the flu. 

Gee, that was a bright move.

Also, my kid doesn’t like strawberries.  Yes, STRAWBERRIES!  And they were good and sweet too.  Who seriously doesn’t like strawberries?! 

Oh yes, I forgot.  Her father also doesn’t like strawberries.  Unless they are peeled.  It must be hereditary. 

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